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Special Offer for Thames Valley Tool Hire customers using our new Iver Branch.

Thames Valley Tool Hire have a very special offer for our customers to celebrate the opening of their new and enlarged Iver depot (for September & October 2018 only).

We would like to offer any of our customers hiring plant (and popular hire items) from the Iver depot either:

  • Free of Charge delivery & collection OR
  • 2 days hire for the usual 1 day rate OR
  • An extra 10% hire discount.
  • You choose!

For more details on the special offer please contact Anthonie at our Iver depot  on 01895 236 537 or use the contact form Contact us here .

Alternatively come and have a coffee with us at the new depot and we can discuss your requirements.

You can find details of the new Iver depot here –

The Special Offer Terms and conditions are as follows:

  • You must be an existing customer of Thames Valley Hire Services Ltd
  • The offer extends to both cash and account customers using the Iver branch
  • You must advise us IN ADVANCE of the hire, which Special Offer option you require.
  • Popular hire items include:

Plant, towers, staging, acrow props and strongboys, trestles & boards, cement mixers, compactor plates, breakers,  genie lifts and beam lifters,  pressure washers, dehumidifiers, bench tile saws, heaters, rotavators & garden machinery,  petrol cut off saws & transformers.

  • We will extend the offer to additional equipment if you are hiring for a minimum of one week.
  • All hires are subject to our standard Hire Association Europe (HAE) terms and conditions – click here to view

Full details of Thames Valley Hire Services on

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Radiant Blinds Installs Shop Awnings for The Draft House in Camden

Drop arm awnings

Radiant Blinds installed manually operated drop arm awnings as shop awnings with a black finish framework and striking red covers. The Draft House in Camden is a small group of Public Houses which aims to do for beer what British culture has done for food and wine over the past twenty years. They celebrate choice and quality with a variety of strange and wonderful brews. They also serve delicious, hearty food which goes well with their beer.

About Radiant Blinds

If you are considering purchasing shop awnings or shop blinds, Radiant Blinds would like to take a look at your shop front and provide a free estimate. You can contact them online or phone them for further information on any of their products. One of the great reasons customers choose to purchase awnings for shops manufactured and installed by Radiant Blinds is that their business gets added value.

Head Office
Radiant Blinds Ltd
101 Ewell Road
Surbiton | Surrey
0208 390 8755

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Blinds for Bifold Doors Can Make Your Home Safely Shaded

These days blinds for bifold doors have become a bit of a popular choice for most homeowners. They not only enhance the look of your house but also add some security to your homes. With unexpected happenings that occur around us, safety is critical today. While building a own home, people are always looking for something that enhances the aesthetics of their home and adds safety at the same time. With many options available in the market (see, the mentioned points below may help you choose the blinds for bifold doors that are nicely suited for your home.

  • There are certain doors that can be fitted at the corner of the property to enjoy a complete view of the garden. On the other hand, there are also some doors that could be installed on the complete wall to make it a center attraction. Depending upon your setup, you can choose blinds for bifold doors that either open inwards or outwards.
  • These doors need to be installed with the help of expert installers only as they are the best judge of size and assembly. There are certain fittings that need to be taken into consideration while installing blinds for bifold doors, so it is important to leave it at the hands of experts. It is critical to not try installing them yourself as it can lead to an imbalance in the fittings.
  • You need to choose the right style and size for your blinds for bifold doors. There are a lot of suppliers who will offer a variety of finishes and colors. The right design and style will help you give safety to your home. Make sure to choose the right handles that are durable and sturdy at the same time so that these can provide a good amount of safety to your home.
  • In the market you can also select the custom blinds that can fit nicely to your bi fold doors. These can be secured according to the safety aspect depending upon the area that you live in. So you will need to make sure that you only select the ones that add custom safety that is best suited for your property.
  • The blinds for bifold doors that you get need to be approved by kite mark. The hinges that you choose for the doors and blinds need to be durable enough to survive any break in attempts that are tried on your property. There are many sturdy quality bifold doors with blinds available in the market but you need to make sure that you only get the ones that are durable and strong at the same time.
  • If you are a novice in deciding the right blinds for bifold doors, you can also ask from your neighbors or friends who may have bought these doors. Their input can help you get an idea about whether this type of door will be suitable for your home or not.

Make sure to consider the points given above and then decide on getting these blinds for bifold doors. Once you invest in these styles of doors and blinds you can be sure that you will get a good amount of safety and elegance to your property. However, you need to research deeply about the available options (go to Radiant Blinds website) and then get the one that is greatly suited for you. The time that you invest in researching the right product will provide satisfying results in the long run.

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Roller Roof Blinds: What Are the Advantages?

battery-operated roof blinds

Roller roof blinds are suitable for glass conservatory roofs that have few simple rectangular shapes, such as triangular-shaped window panes. If you have a Victorian and Edwardian shaped conservatory, you will find roller roof blinds to be well-suited to provide shade.

Roller roof blinds have the advantage of covering several roof panes at once. Among other things, this means you’ll have less pull cords hanging down, can cover light gaps easier, and keep down the cost of putting up roof blinds. Roller roof blinds are cost-effective.

They require less maintenance than other types of blinds. They can also be less costly to replace when needed.

Finally, depending on the materials you choose for your roller roof blinds, you can get good heat reduction. There are even insulating blinds available, which help keep the conservatory cool in the summer and warm during winter.

Could There Be Any Disadvantages to Roller Roof Blinds?

There are a few. Although roller roof blinds are better at fitting certain window shapes, such as triangular, than other types of blinds, there are other shapes they do not work well for, such as the trapezium-shaped. They also do not fit well into recesses.

Roller roof blinds are not well suited to heights of over three meters.

Finally, dead insects may build up on top of the blinds. In the case of roller roof blinds, however, you can simply retract the blind, and the dead insets will roll off the blind and into the roller cassette.

What Different Types of Roller Roof Blinds Are Available?

Roller roof blinds are among the most versatile blinds available. They can be bought in a variety of materials and colors.

You can also choose from blackout to tinted blinds. Blackout blinds block out sunlight completely and provide the best shade. Dim-out blinds block the direct hot glare from the sun, but still allow a soft light to shine through, lighting your conservatory, and providing a comfortable atmosphere.

Tinted film blinds, although they are more costly, are energy-efficient and highly useful. Tinted blinds are translucent, so you can see outside through them from inside your conservatory, but it is dimmed, as if you wearing sunglasses. They are polarized, however, so someone outside cannot see inside. Tinted blinds provide a good combination of sunlight control and privacy.

The reflective aspect of polarized tinting also means that a good deal of light and heat is reflected away, keeping your conservatory cool in the summer. Tinted blinds also block up most of the harmful sun’s UV rays. Used inside homes, tinted blinds can help lower your cooling costs. Energy-efficient blinds can pay for themselves over time.

Roller roof blinds can be operated either manually by a pull cord or can be motorized. Since we are discussing roof blinds, you’ll find the motorized blinds, preferably with a remote control, to be much more convenient and easier to use.

For more information on roof blinds, visit Radiant Blinds or for info and advice.

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