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Bogus Trading Standards Officer

Ourselves and Surrey Police are urging residents to remain vigilant after a woman was conned out of hundreds of thousands of pounds by conmen pretending to be trading standards officers.

The victim was tricked into believing she was owed compensation in relation to work which had been carried out on her driveway. The suspects told her they were working with police at Scotland Yard and conned her into making payments totalling £170,000.00.

Our advice:

– If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
– Always check the caller’s identity and telephone the company they say they are from to check that they are genuine.
– If you are concerned about a doorstep caller, please tell friends or family, or telephone the police.
– If in doubt, keep them out.


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Residents of Eton Raise Funds for Commissioning a Report to Present to Police about Night Time Noise

Eton High Street


Eton residents over the past few weeks have complained revellers walking back to Slough from Windsor’s pubs were causing problems in Eton.

Eton residents’ claimed people knock on doors, ring bells and regularly keep them awake between 11 PM to 4 AM.

They have raised £2,000 towards commissioning a report to help argue they need extra police to deal with the noise.

The data will be collected over 3 months and shared with Windsor and Maidenhead council and police.

‘Enormous amount of noise’

Once the target of £3,600 needed for the survey is raised , the fundraisers say they will hire experts from a private company to carry out noise surveys every night from 11 PM to 4 AM.

Malcolm Leach, an Eton resident, said the majority of visitors to the town did not cause any problems.

“We do get the odd ones where they are drunk, and they are stupid, and they have fights, and they have arguments,” he said.

“If you have gangs together they can cause much noise.”

Mr. Leach believes people go out in Windsor and then either walk back to Slough, Cippenham and Chalvey through Eton or cross the bridge to Eton to pick up a cab, as it is cheaper to take one there than in Windsor town centre.

The Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council are interested too in seeing the results and will study it once it has the data.



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Surrey Heath’s Mayor Welcomes Local Professional Cyclist

There is an exciting Surrey Heath Borough Council press release today, about the upcoming start of Stage 7 of the Tour of Britain Cycle Race in Camberley on Saturday 13th September,

“The Mayor of Surrey Heath, Councillor Bob Paton, has welcomed local cyclist George Harper, a full-time professional cyclist for Velosure-Giordana Racing Team, to Camberley this week.

With Britain’s biggest cycling race the Friends Life Tour of Britain just a few weeks away, George Harper, 22, from Winchester took time out of his training schedule to see where Stage 7 will start.

With teams and line ups still to be officially announced, many will be hoping some of the biggest names in the sport will be racing from Park Street and through Surrey Heath. George has spent many months training and is looking forward to riding on familiar territory.”

But wait, there’s more about it here!

Mayor and cyclist

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